Fully custom software solutions

Our team will create your website or application from the ground up. With full control and no restrictive templates or limitations, Olstom can tailor your project to fit your brand identity and usability requirements. Not only does this allow for custom designs and functionality, but we can fully integrate your site with external software required for your project.

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Quality software with cutting edge technologies

From progressive web apps to native applications we take on projects of all size to your specification using the latest available technologies or technologies of your choice. Olstom can revamp your web presence and push your application to the next level. Let us take your project and show you what is possible.

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Structured project plan with set deliverables

We define each of our projects, breaking them down into set milestones and deliverables with every client. It is our belief that communication and careful planning is the key to a successful project. As a result, each project has defined revision stages in which progress is demonstrated and revised based on agreed feedback ensuring you don't end up wasting precious time and money.

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Experienced and specialised team

Each member of our team has worked professionally in software and web development specializing and honing their skills. Projects developed by the Olstom team are maintainable and professionally structured allowing for scalability and future development.

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